#0 Welcome

Welcome to the Montessori School Express blogzine.

This project was initiated by last year 7s, present Year8s, as part of their curriculum on Computing (Online Collaboration). They did a fantastic job setting it all up: Groups, Hangout conversations, voting for Chief Editors, managing permissions, designing the template of each section, and of course, writing the different posts. It was hard work, and I, as their teacher, was surprised by such an outcome.

But now the time has come to transform this project into what it originally was intended for: a blogzine created by Montessori School students, developed by  Montessori School Students and for Montessori School Students. Therefore we have put together a small but solid team of young journalists who are happy to give some of their time and put a little bit of effort into making this blogzine come to life.

And this is our challenge!

But before we start with the important work, I would like to link here most part of the work developed last year by our 2015-2016 Y7s. It is important to mention that the main effort was aimed at understanding the processes behind using Blogger for online collaboration, and not so much on the quality of the content. After all this activity took place during Computing hours and not during Literacy, Geography, History... sessions. So I would like to ask all readers to be patient with the quality of our reporting, This wasn´t our main priority in those lessons.

Thank you so much Y8s, our first issue (#0) is dedicated to you. All of this project is your creation!

 Dear Montessori School students, I hope you feel inspired to join us.

Tony Vazquez

YEAR 7s posts. 
Do Aliens Exist, by SOFI 
Muslims...? by SOFI
Terrorist British Schoolboy, by SOFI
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
The Elements, cesaroliva
Atoms, by cesaroliva
E=mc2, by cesaroliva
Internet Safety, by Harvey
Iphone SE, by Dpradi

Cars Special:
100 Vehicles, by victorn
Mclaren P1, by Gonchi Best
Mclaren F1 LM, by Gonch Best
Koeniggseg Aggera R, by Gonchi Best
Super Cars, victorn
Porsche, by victorn
Ferrari, by victorn
Mustang, by victorn
Beetle, by Harvey
Jaguar, by victorn
Chevrolet Camaro, by Harvey
Aston Martin DB9, by Dpradi
BMW Vision 5, by Harvey

Art, by Ana.bg
Technique: Melted Crayon, by Inesb.v

What is Music?, by sofi.m
The Best Songs, by Ana.bg
Best song, Ana.bg
Rock Music, by sofi.m
Instruments, Ana.bg
Clasical Music, sofi.m

Grass Hockey, by Velocity33
NFL Dances, by pupi
Greatest Football Highlights, by pupi
Rugby, by rubends7
Top 10 Superbowl Plays, by pupi
Ice Hockey, by velocity33
The Final Of The Champions, by Pabloski el Crack
Indoors Football, by rubends7
Champions 2016 Final (an opinion), by Pabloski el Crack

Captain America (Civil War), by DAVIZON
The First Cinema Films, by DAVIZON
The BFG, by inesb.v
New Movie: Mother's Day, by  Ana.BG
Film Genre, a question, by DAVIZON
Alice Through The Looking Glass, by DAVIZON
X-Men, Apokalipse, by DAVIZON
Zoolander, by LUCIA
More on Films, by Sofi.M
The Oscars, by Sofi.M
Disney´s First Five Films, by Sofi.M

VIDEOGAMES (Year 7 Champion Blog)
Introduction by Hernan Garcia, by ChapomikGamer
Video-Games Introduction Video, by YAX
Welcome to the Video-Games Section, by ChapomikGamer_2507
Mirror´s Edge Catalyst, by YAX
Counter Strike, by Dpradi
Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 5, by miguelangel
Call of Duty 2016, by YAX
Rainbow Six Siege, by Miguel
Asphalt 8: Airborne, by PixelGamer
Star Wars Battlefront, by ChapomikGamer_2507
Doom, by ChapomikGamer_2507
Minecraft, by ChapomikGamer_2507
Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six Siege, by ChapomikGamer_2507
Grand Theft Auto 5, by ChapomikGamer_2507
New Call Of Duty, ChapomikGamer_2507
Battlefield 4, and More, by Marious 14
Overwatch, by Guillermo Arcos
Faze Clan, by Guillermo Arcos
Optic Gaming, by Guillermo Arcos
The Crew / Wild Run, by Guillermo Arcos
Need for Speed: Rivals, Most Wanted, The Run, Shift, by Guillermo Arcos
Mass Effect: Andromeda, by Guillermo Arcos
Spiderman, Hernan Garcia

The Mighty Vikings, by inesb.v

For Starters, by Jopez
Matt Stephania, by alex
Older and Younger People can Dance, by nerea
10 Interesting Facts about Dance You Might Not Know, by Jopez
Everyone Can Dance, by alex
10 Fun Facts about Dancing, C.R.S
Pasos-Basicos, by SofĂ­a

Hacking, by gobledigoop
Live Discs, by gobledigoop
Internet Safety, by cesaroliva
i2p, by 0801
Key Logger with Java Script, by 0801

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